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In September 2010, the premier, first and leading dental college of this state Govt. Dental College and Research Institute, Bangalore, India is on the edge of introducing its official journal "Archives of Oral Sciences and Research" and will publish original Research papers. Dr S.S. Hiremath, Director and Dean of this Institute had planned to release the first copy of the Journal on the graduation day 24th of September 2010.

He requested me to pen a few words for the inaugural issue. Since I myself am one of the sons of this foster mother "Government Dental College & Research Institute " Bangalore, India the privilege that I was writing the preface to what my teachers set out to achieve years ago stimulated my memories that I had enjoyed in the company of congenial friends and noble teachers with many firsts to their credits. The emotional hub of my heart foretells the vast intelligence which existed then, has still advanced with greater pace in the teaching fraternity.

Publication of the college journal was one of my teachers unfinished agenda. This publication has finished the agenda which my teachers had conceived then. This action vociferously proves that, this publication is a long lived sparkle which has persistently and consistently lived beneath the layers of time. I am proud that, it sprouted and flowered now. The faculties of this Institution have realized the importance of a journal and skillfully articulated it. This action also proves one should create opportunities for intellectual advancement rather than waiting for them to drop on one's lap.

I had cursory glance of pre-publication copy of the journal. It is heartening to note that, the importance of Oral Sciences in principle and new dimensions foreseen within the scope of clinical dentistry is being carried forward and I hope it will have a good reception from professionals, practitioners, students and the teachers. I wish God bless this journal everlasting life and mentoring spirit with excellent leadership amongst all the journals.


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Dr S. S. Hiremath

I am extremely happy to announce that GDCRI has come up with its own journal the "Archives of Oral Sciences and Research" for the first time in its history of 5 decades of its existence today.

Off late, Many developments have been taking place here at GDCRI, not to forget about its new infrastructure, computerization, new recruitment for all vacancies, starting up of PhD programmes and now added to all this, it is in the field of research and publication by bringing out its own  journal.

The mission of the Journal "Archives of Oral Sciences and Research" is to be one of the premier journal for dental education and research. To support that mission, quality and relevance in the papers that it publishes should be emphasized. We all know that a journal is dependent entirely on the caliber of the contributors whose papers it reviews and publishes. It would be the attempt of the editorial team headed by Dr. A R Pradeep of this journal to see that the excellent quality demonstrated in this inaugural issue is actually enhanced in every subsequent one.

I hope that this newly born product will grow and thrive with the interest and participation of distinguished professionals who have an abiding commitment to the issues that would be surely addressed in this journal. Further I also hope that this would be truly a global venture but also with specific focus on the challenges facing developing societies in these days.


Wishing the editorial team all the best.

              Dr. S S Hiremath